Uniformed Security Officers

Heron Security will place trained, professional security officers on the job for you. These officers will perform their security duties competently, intelligently, and in the manner that you specify. Additionally, our officers will handle their assigned objectives as though you were present and personally supervising their work. Written report of incidents on your property and daily logs of officer activity are available. More importantly, you will be notified quickly of potential problems on your property for which you could be liable.

Heron’s officers work for you, the owner, and not as a public servant to the community.

With a local office and personnel available by phone 24 hours a day for your convenience, Heron can respond to your needs swiftly.

Heron Security has both armed and unarmed officers available to meet your security needs and we can assist you no matter how large or how small your operational requirements may be.

Vehicle Patrol

Our nightly patrol service offers peace of mind to clients because they can rest assured with the knowledge that a professional security officer is keeping a watch on their property through the nighttime hours when the majority of criminal activity occurs.

Patrol officers also provide nightly welfare checks to the property in terms of reporting building and parking light malfunctions, fire watch, or anything out of the ordinary and notifying you or your designee of any immediate issues. Additionally, weekly emailed reports are available documenting anything out of the ordinary to notify you or your designee of any issues on the premises.

Our patrol officers are state licensed, uniformed, experienced, commissioned officers. What’s more, our highly visible, marked patrol vehicles make random inspections of your property throughout the nighttime hours resulting in a highly effective deterrent to criminals.

Our primary patrol areas are currently found in the Hood County/Granbury area and the west side of Ft. Worth. We have kept our patrol areas compact to ensure effective coverage of our clients.

Personal Protection Officers

Heron Security can provide plain clothes, Level 4 Personal Protection Officers who are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Our officers are certified in OC Spray, firearms and defensive techniques that utilize a range of use of force dependent on situations that may arise.

Heron Security’s officers use the very best skills and techniques for
removing a VIP from lethal confrontation or uncomfortable situations
quickly and with discretion. Heron Security pays particular attention to
protective theory, threat assessment, practical defenses, guarding in a
crowd situation and VIP clients.

Heron security operates under the time honored premise among bodyguards, “Dead clients don’t pay.” as inspiration to ensure your safety and well being while under our protection.  Since every PPO situation is unique, these jobs are handled and designed on an individual basis to ensure your needs are met.