Heron Security
How good is your security?

Heron Security embraces the philosophy, if security is necessary, it should be accomplished correctly and professionally.

Heron Security is a three generation family and veteran owned business that was established in 1990.  We offer a variety of options that can be tailored to meet your specific security needs. Unlike many national or statewide companies, you will deal directly with the owners when problems arise, and solutions are prompt and complete. Our officers are well trained and professional, projecting an image compatible within the modern corporate environment.

We adhere to the time-honored ethic that we are in service for our clients and strive to provide the best, most cost-effective service available today in the North Texas area.

Our services include state licensed unarmed or armed uniformed officers, nightly patrol services and plain clothes personal protection officers.

At our state licensed training academy, we offer all levels of state required security training certification and license renewal.  In addition to security training, we also offer Texas License to Carry classes and and firearm safety and familiarization courses.

Armed and unarmed uniformed security officers
Heron Security can provide state licensed and insured armed and/or unarmed security officers to meet your security needs.  Our officers can provide access control for personnel and vehicles, building patrols to monitor for safety and security concerns in your facility or business, loss prevention services to safeguard your inventory and materials storage, and present a uniformed, visible deterrent to criminal activities on your property. 

In our nearly 30 years of serving the D/FW Metroplex area, we have provided professional security services to healthcare facilities, retail shopping centers, retail stores, industrial facilities, transportation facilities, auto dealerships, truck yards, electrical power stations, oil and gas sites, financial institutions, television and movie production film sets and locations.  We have a diverse background in the security services we have provided over the years and can tailor a security plan to suit your security needs.

Nightly patrol services.
 Your security needs may be as simple as the peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone is looking after your property at night when you are not there.  If so, our dedicated patrol services may be just what you need.  Our patrol officers are on duty from 8 PM until 5 AM and will make checks on your property throughout the night.  As each client has different needs, we will tailor the patrol services to meet your specific needs. 

These patrol services can consist of checking and ensuring that exterior doors and gates are secure, checking that vehicles that are authorized to be on the property are secure, logging and reporting general maintenance issues such as burned out lights or broken sprinkler heads,  reporting on storm damages to your property and much more.

Personal protection officers
When your security needs call for a more subdued approach, we can also provide state licensed, plain clothed protection officers.  We have provided PPO services for celebrities, executives, and corporate board meetings with services that have included everything from personal appearances to dedicated, 24/7 protection details.  Given the unique nature of these services, please contact us for more details on obtaining this service.      

At our state licensed security academy we offer all levels of state mandated security officer certifications and renewals. 

In addition to security licensing, we also offer Texas License to Carry classes.  

We can also offer groups and individuals a range of courses including beginner firearm familiarization courses, basic marksmanship course, basic defensive tactics training and OC (pepperspray) spray training. 

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